Monday, 17 January 2011

Why you got fat

So you're fat, right? No worries, so are a huge percentage of people on this Earth. You look around and you're not different, you don't stand out. You are the normal, run of your mill fat person. You work, you eat, you sleep. Whatever, right?

Unfortunately for you it's not that easy. And yes i said easy. See, being fat is not just aesthetically displeasing, but it brings about a large bill of health ailments to you're table. I'm sure by now many people who are half-decently educated by the system that there are many illnesses associated with obesity and even being overweight.
These can range from diabetes type-2 to fatal heart attacks. Not what you ordered when you bought that super-sized big mac meal to go with whatever else you will be throwing down you're throat that day, but that's what they don't tell you.

I'm writing this to educate you on loosing fat, avoiding fad diets which will do you much more harm than good, and to guide you to minising you're muscle loss while loosing that fat, maybe even to build some.

Gaining weight is built into our physiology. Back some thousands of years ago the good old homo sapines of that time didn't have regular access to food. They ate what they could, when they could, and as much of it as they possibly could. This would consist of a varying degree of roots, shoots, tubers, vegetables, fruits and any kill they would make hunting.
They would not have eaten continiously throughout the day and ingest the same amount of calories as we do today. Not only that but they were constantly moving. In harsh climates, living like this means you burn tremendous amounts of calories.

Every human being has a Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). This is the amount of calories you're body needs to sustain itself while doing absolutely nothing. The average man is 5'9 and weighs about 170lbs.

Let's say this man is 30 years old. This makes his BMR about 1800 calories. Taking into account his activity, even if he works a desk job that could increase to 2000+.

Fat gain is caused by excess calories. Now, our man works a desk job, 9-5. 45 minute lunch break. He will eat fast, easy food. Maybe form a fast food restaurant, maybe from the wokrplace caffeteria. When he goes home to his wife, he'll relax on the couch and probably eat again, and then snack if he's hungry on foods like crisps, biscuits. Maybe he will crack open a beer.

These calories add up fast. The processed junk inside what this man is eating means he will be well over what he needs to maintain his weight. So his body reverts to it's primal instincts and stores it as fat. Fat, in evoloutionary terms, is much more valuable than muscle. It is stored incase of a long famine, and it can provide the brain and body with the energy and glucose it needs.

Now you know why you're gaining fat, in the next post ill show you what it's doing to you're body and why it's important ot be at a healthy weight.


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